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Is the electronic signature valid in Switzerland and the EU?

With Subsign you can sign legally valid in Switzerland and the EU, as we support ZertES and eIDAS.

How can you recognise a qualified electronic signature (QES)?

With Subsign, this is displayed in the visual representation of the signature.

You can easily check a signed document with the Validator of the Swiss Federal Administration or upload the document to the European Commission website and check whether it is a qualified electronic signature.

With Subsign, you can sign your documents 100% ZerES, eIDAS and GDPR-compliant with the highest security standards.

Why should I sign documents with a qualified electronic signature QES?

The QES is of the highest probative value in legal proceedings. It is necessary if a document is legally binding or involves considerable liability risks.

What is a qualified electronic signature (QES)?

The Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) enables an electronic signature that uniquely identifies the signatory. Thanks to the highest security standards, the QES is the legal equivalent of a handwritten signature.

What is a digital signature?

The digital signature is an encryption method based on asymmetric cryptography. It ensures that a message has not been subsequently changed (integrity) and that it actually originates from the specified sender (authenticity).

How can I create a digital signature?

At Subsign, we have made the workflow for creating a digital signature as simple as possible. Upload a document, drag and drop your signature to the appropriate place on the document and click validate.

A document was rejected by a party, will the signatures already applied be charged?

Yes, a signature is charged to the signature package as soon as it has been confirmed with the cell phone. The document contains valid signatures and could be uploaded and signed again if necessary.

We mainly sign in Switzerland, but from time to time we also need signatures for the EU. Is that possible with Subsign?

Yes, in this case you can book an additional package for the EU in addition to the main package with CH signatures.

How can I be identified for the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES)?

It depends on the jurisdiction in which you want to sign. On the information page of Swisscom Trustservices AG you will always find the current identification methods: Swisscom Trustservices AG

What makes Subsign different from DocuSign?

While DocuSign has its data centers spread all over the world, with Subsign your data never leaves Switzerland. Signatures are legally valid in all cases, even where the law requires them to be in writing.

DocuSign is world-renowned and focuses on the needs of the mass market. Subsign, on the other hand, offers flexible solutions for organizations and industries with the highest demands.

Is it mandatory to open an account on Subsign to be able to sign?

No, people you invite to sign a document only need Internet access, an email address, and an up-to-date browser to view the document. To sign, the person must be identified for QES and have a cell phone.

To start a signing process, you need a user account with Subsign.

Does Subsign meet all legal requirements?

With Subsign, you sign with the qualified electronic signature (QES), which is equivalent to a handwritten signature under Swiss and EU law.

Subsign and all involved partners manage your data in accordance with the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act (DSG) and the European Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO).

Can I check if I have been correctly identified for QES?

Yes, with the help of this website you can check whether the identification has been completed correctly and you can sign with QES:

How can I contact Subsign?

Subsign is a product of OBJECT ECM AG in Zurich. For more information and contact options, please visit the OBJECTwebsite.

Is there an explainer video that shows me how to use Subsign?

Yes, just follow this link:open video

Do I have to pay for additional users?

No, you can open as many users in your client as you need. There are no additional costs. People who are invited only for signing do not need a user account.