The electronic signature - made in Switzerland Create digital signatures online

Create electronic signatures at any time

Create electronic signatures from any device and browser, anytime, anywhere, with no software installation required.

Workflows and notifications

Invite other people for a esignature and be notified of completed signed documents directly via e-mail.

Highest regulatory requirements

To meet the highest possible regulatory requirements, Subsign is the only Swiss provider in the electronic signature sector to use only components and services from Switzerland.

Advanced Electronic Seals

Besides qualified signatures, Subsign offers advanced electronic seals. These can be used for document evidentiary purposes or as a seal for electronic archival purposes.

Timestamp Protocol ETSI EN 319422
Valid for CH & EU Jurisdictions
Green tick for Adobe

Valid and recognised in Switzerland and Europe

The Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), which is legally compliant with the EU's eIDAS regulation and the Swiss federal law ZertES, fulfils the highest possible evidential value for electronically issued signatures.

Highest signature standard QES
Valid in Switzerland and Europe
Equivalent to a handwritten signature

Security and Data Protection

Subsign was designed and developed entirely in Switzerland and is hosted in a Swiss data centre built to FINMA specifications and certified to ISO 27001. All data is handled in accordance with GDPR and Swiss law (nDSG).

High security and compliance
Swiss hosting (ISO 27001)
GDPR and DSG compliance

Invite Partners, Customers and Suppliers

Contract partners can be invited directly from the Subsign portal. They receive system-generated or personalised emails and can sign documents without having to open a user account first.

Signing from anywhere
Sign without logging in
Send personalised invitations

Cost overview and Control

With Subsign signature packages, you always have full cost control and an overview of the available signatures and electronic seals. Choose a core package and easily supplement it with optional add-on packages, for example, for another jurisdiction or organisational seals.

Full cost control
Add packages at any time
Both jurisdictions on the same portal

Qualified Electronic Signature

In Switzerland and Europe, the Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) is legally equivalent to a handwritten signature and therefore has the highest evidential value.

Highest signature standard
One-time online identification
Fast, secure and user-friendly


2023 Q1Automatic dispatch of the signed document optional
2023 Q2Multilingualism (DE/EN) of the website and portal
2023 Q3Signing with own signature images
2023 Q4Observer / Deputy function
2024 Q1Reminder function for pending signatures
2024 Q2Batch processing
2024 Q3Whitelabeling of the portal
2024 Q4Designing forms in the portal yourself