Electronic signatures and seals for Lawyers and Notaries

Secure, compliant and legal

The qualified e-signature replaces the handwritten signature and enables electronic documents for lawyers, notaries and bailiffs in accordance with Swiss legislation under ZertES.

Web service from Switzerland

Replaces scanning of paper files
Digital official seal for notaries
Secure solution including KYC workflows

Maximum (legal) security

Designed, developed and hosted in Switzerland using state-of-the-art development methodology, Subsign meets the highest security requirements. In addition, users are always on the safe side with the qualified signature (QES): All data is held exclusively in a highly available environment within a Swiss data center which meets the highest possible regulatory requirements.
  • Qualified signatures for the legal areas EU/EEA and Switzerland
  • Certified according to the eIDAS Regulation (EU) and the ZertES (Swiss signature law)
  • Auditors continuously check that all regulations are complied with in accordance with Swiss and European legislation.
  • Highly available data storage in a certified Swiss data center

Intuitive user guidance

Thanks to a user-friendly interface and the integration of playful elements, signing documents becomes a pleasure. Even complex contracts can be created with just a few clicks and intuitively provided with input fields. All parties can be invited to sign without registration via a simple invitation procedure.
  • Minimal effort for document preparation
  • User-friendly interface
  • Playful elements for a pleasant user experience
  • Uncomplicated invitation of stakeholders for signing

Digital archiving

Managing physical documents can be time-consuming and expensive. That's why more and more organizations are turning to digital document archiving. Not only does this save space, time and money, but it also allows quick and easy access to documents from anywhere. In addition, digital documents are generally better protected against loss and damage.
  • Easily meet retention periods and compliance requirements
  • Saves storage space and physical archiving costs
  • Integrates with other systems and applications
  • Legally valid according to ZertES (Switzerland) and eIDAS (Europe)

The digital signature legally valid with Subsign

Legal validity / authenticity

The qualified electronic signature (QES) with legal basis according to the EU regulation eIDAS and the Swiss federal law ZertES fulfills the highest possible evidential value for electronically issued signatures.


All services have data centers in Switzerland. Your data is hosted in data centers built to FINMA specifications and certified to ISO 27001.


All data is managed and processed in Switzerland according to DSGVO and nDSG.